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Starting reflections

A rounding world trip is a total paradox, difficult to explain and difficult to assimilate. Let’s explain our perceptions in small topics.

Starting with the bags. Ah packing… Everyone thinks, at first, as you will get to take clothes for one year. Simple, you will not get it! Compared to a “normal” trip, a world tour allows you to take, or at least, recommends you to get clothes for one week … Yes, that’s all. And why? Because as the clothes are being used, you will have to wash them.

Unlike a vacation trip, it is common to stay longer in places, often to integrate into local life and this includes washing. In addition, you, for various reasons, can no longer go to luxury events, places that require more sophistic clothes nor will care about fashion trends, not really. You will walk in flip-flops, clothing that does not fit, or will get the maximum combinations with three or four different parts … call it total detachment! In our case, we must admit it was a little easier, since we have decided to follow the summer: our trip is based on the heat, sun and sand, then our suitcase was easily arranged with a lot of swimwear and bikinis and light clothes.

Speaking of detachment, it is a constant in texts and the lives of those who decide to take a trip and  the most curious is that it includes the detachment of money. But don’t you need money for a trip like this? Of course, we can not say no, cash purchases tickets, money to eat and, in some cases, to stay. The amount depends on the style that each decided for your trip, as the hosting, today, is increasingly available, but again there is the question of not caring or where or with whom. You’d be staying for free in a stranger’s house? Would you share a room? A bathroom? Sleep sitting in an airport? You need to answer YES to all these questions so that you can, in most cases, take a rounding world trip.

Another very strong point is about food. It is necessary to break paradigms, at least for most people. We no longer have any prejudice about food … I can not say that in nearly 30 countries visited that some things did not cause revulsion in: dirty food, strange food, food with bad smell. But if you are those who think, can not live without bread and butter, then there is a problem to be solved for a world tour.

Another aspect for those who really want to live around the world is giving up the famous Mc Donald’s. We rarely, if ever, eat. And why? Because even before that trip we already wanted to get used to the smells, flavors and colors of the foods there. We have eaten everything tasted of fancy restaurant food, through food made by ourselves, street food, and today we can say: we are prepared pro whatever comes. Here comes a part of adaptation: it is necessary to prove, like, adapt, for a trip that can not be undermined by a point, in our opinion, as simple and basic of our life: eating.

I think, to reflect, in this very beginning, another topic is sorely needed: technology. Is it possible to live without a mobile phone? Using internet from time to time? How to communicate with your family? Well, in our case, the phone is the easiest topic to be solved. Neither of us had excessive attachment by the device of watching every second, texting or taking … telling the truth, it did not caused any concern at all. But the internet? Well, it is very complicated, because all of us today are almost dependent on this technology. Of Course!! To post on the blog, to update the facebook, to talk to the family. This is where the journey becomes definitely a paradox, because it was only because of the internet we managed to organize the whole trip and wanted to know or did not want to go. This point is very much a matter of adapting again.

When we traveled the first time in 2004 to New Zealand, we had no laptop, we recorded everything in a small notebook, paper. For Real!!! This was possible 10 years ago. In Brazil, the internet was still weak and with the distance of 15 hours more it was difficult to connect to Brazil, off the price … that was sad. Today, all this wonderful technology brings us the love that allows us to show where we are, but we need to detach us therefore now no longer will be necessary to “travel the Internet,” nor can we stay holed up hours in front of a computer because we have everything already researched and wish to see in front of us: elephants in Sri Lanka, Hawaii waves, confusion and mysticism of India, the high speed train in Japan, the Great Wall immensity and all other sensations only the internet has allowed us to imagine. After all, there will be over 40 countries!


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