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Why is never the right time to make a dream true?

Tá viajando demais?

2015 is starting to run out, many begin to think about holidays and trips around Brazil or the world. Exotic locations and amazing adventures can be considered. And then people abandon these dreams as quickly as they were envisioned. Something will happen and plans will be deferred to a “more appropriate time”. But here’s a secret: it will never be ... Read More »

Turkey is what you’ve seen in soap operas and much more!

We chose to go to Turkey after a long season in Asia and it was the very beginning of the summer, that is pleasantly high temperatures and beautiful scenery and long days. Istanbul, the capital We begin our journey through Istanbul, which was kind of chaotic at first because the taxi drivers are kind of lost. We left the Sabiha ... Read More »

An unknown paradise in Malaysia: Perhentian Islands

Have you heard about Perhentian Islands? Don’t worry, because most people haven’t heard. But surely you will love the post about this place. The Pehrentian Islands are within about 8 hours by bus (very good roads) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Arriving in Kuala Besut, we need to take a boat that will get you to the Perhentian Islands and arrive in half an hour. ... Read More »

If you are a backpacker, this post will change your life!

You who are backpacker or simply love traveling, but like most mere mortals can not afford to stay long traveling, you need to read this post until the end. A very common thing for budget travelers – the backpackers – is staying in hostels.   They are cheaper hosting sites and it is possible to sleep in the same room ... Read More »

7 things you have never imagined about Maldives

Known by paradisaical beaches and dreamed destination for thousands of people, the Maldives don’t represent only the good life. There is more things to be discovered about this incredibly unique country. There are no dogs in the country. They are prohibited and even in the immigration form received on the plane to the capital Male is clear that dogs are ... Read More »