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Why is never the right time to make a dream true?

Tá viajando demais?

2015 is starting to run out, many begin to think about holidays and trips around Brazil or the world. Exotic locations and amazing adventures can be considered. And then people abandon these dreams as quickly as they were envisioned. Something will happen and plans will be deferred to a “more appropriate time”. But here’s a secret: it will never be ... Read More »

If you are a backpacker, this post will change your life!

You who are backpacker or simply love traveling, but like most mere mortals can not afford to stay long traveling, you need to read this post until the end. A very common thing for budget travelers – the backpackers – is staying in hostels.   They are cheaper hosting sites and it is possible to sleep in the same room ... Read More »

Seven tips to you understand Australia

Quick reading: Australia, at first, seems the United States (perhaps because of language or progeny of both), but be warned, it only seems. Nothing of all those American food chains and bunches of malls, prices here are much less attractive and the variety is much smaller … so if you are interested in shopping, you better rethink your destination. Australians are ... Read More »

Bora Bora: bora pra lá?

Se você perguntar para casais próximos da época do casamento qual o local mais sonhado para a lua de mel, a resposta de quase 10 entre 10 casais será a mesma: Bora Bora… em alto e bom som!! Lá é tudo isso e muito mais. Quando se pensa no que escrever sobre aquele lugar, um sorrisinho natural se abre no ... Read More »