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If you are a backpacker, this post will change your life!

You who are backpacker or simply love traveling, but like most mere mortals can not afford to stay long traveling, you need to read this post until the end.

A very common thing for budget travelers – the backpackers – is staying in hostels.


The youth hostels are very populars in the whole world

The youth hostels are very populars in the whole world

They are cheaper hosting sites and it is possible to sleep in the same room with up to 12 people, while some even have double or twin rooms and ensuites. On one hand, you lose the privacy and even a few moments of sleep, on the other, you have the opportunity to make friends and interact with the culture and other travelers.

But there is still a problem: although low cost, the cost is not zero, plus spending on food and transportation in places visited, you still have to pay the accommodation that, for most cities, it is always the higher cost of travel with the tickets, of course!

But it seems that the prayers of low-cost travelers were heard that, like us, always dreamed of temporary jobs and did not require much in relation to the amount of weekly hours to be worked. It is the Worldpachers website, which is a virtual community of jobs in hostels, only the whole world!

You can combine your trip to the experience of working for a foreigner, meet people from around the world, and also, still manages at least the free bed and sometimes free access to laundry, free food (breakfast only or other meals) and even a small cash payment, but not in all cases.


You make your registration by clicking here, what can be done filling in your data or using the facebook platform if you want. It is highly recommended that you fill all your basic personal data such as date of birth and other basic information.

Worldpackers' main screen

Worldpackers’ main screen

The signing up can be done through Facebook

The signing up can be done through Facebook

After that, you will be directed to fill data about your education, your professional experience, your travel experiences and your language skills.

Still, you will be asked about your skills and interests. You can work with administration, accounting, receptionist, music, video editing, management of social networks, creating and maintaining virtual pages, gardening, cooking, plant handling, cleaning in general, among others.

The list of possible duties is big

The list of possible duties is big

Have you imagined being in Fiji almost for free because you worked in the hostel garden while there? Or spend some time in Belgium and can afford to Tomorrowland spending very little beyond the entrance with hefty price? It is quite possible, yes!

Já imaginou estar em Fiji quase de graça porque você trabalhou na jardinagem do hostel enquanto estava por lá? Ou passar aquela temporada na Bélgica e se permitir ir para o Tomorrowland gastando muito pouco além da entrada com preço salgado? É bem possível, sim!

Fiji Island, a paradise on Earth

Fiji Island, a paradise on Earth

Tomorrowland, mega electronic music festival, in Belgium

Tomorrowland, mega electronic music festival, in Belgium

At the end of your registration, various options will appear for you to submit proposals for employers and you can request for your friends who endorse your skills. Your employers will do so, but only after you complete your mini employment contract.

In Brazil, the Worldpackers is not very popular yet. We have done our registration in June 2015 and the website searchs our facebook contact list people that were already registered. We had over 1,500 contacts and none, that’s right, none were connected! But outside Brazil, the thing is already out and about!!

There are various periods ranging from 1 week to 6 months of work. It is up to you to negotiate with the employer the details to reach a good thing for all.

Of course we do not want this to happen to you, but no one is free of losing their jobs and thinking about spending time abroad, rethinking life or simply knowing a new culture with a dramatic decrease in the cost of the trip.

Have you ever thought that your financial reserve can allow you to travel much further than that beach or that hotel in the mountains close to your city? And you can add more culture to your resume when you are back of this experience?

What are you waiting for? Sign up and start planning your next month trip to Europe, for example, or a longer period yet without ending your finances. What did you think about it? Leave a comment for others and they can see your opinion, ok?



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